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Lock Shutdown at Eastbourne Marina Complete


Eastbourne Marina’s lock shutdown was officially completed on the 13th April, following 6 weeks of hard work. Due to high winds and unfavourable weather conditions at the South Coast marina at the beginning of March, the planned shutdown and de-water of the lock was delayed by a week.

After a 16 hour first day towards the end of March, the stop logs were deployed and pumps drained lock 2 over the following 24 hours. Over the last 6 weeks, Eastbourne Marina's in-house and Head Office maintenance teams have changed anodes, replaced seals, adjusted the gate structure and replaced bolts where needed. Painters were also in the lock, cleaning and painting the above-water sections of the outer gates. Total Water Control, Premier Marinas' lock contractor, have been busy extracting and inspecting hinge pins, bearings and grease lines. Walcon Marine have also been working from cranes, changing both emergency escape ladders during the shutdown. Additionally, the lower fairing timbers on the outer gate of lock 2 were replaced, alongside the installation of upgraded safety equipment on those pontoons.